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Cyber Crime 2019
Annual Event

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Join us on 25 Nov 2019 @ Etihad Stadium, Manchester:

Cyber Crime 2018
Event News

400 attended on 10th December 2018 @ UK Fast, Manchester

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Cyber Crime 2018
Student Competition

32 students from 8 universities took part in CyberCrime 2018 Student Competition - An online event with 22 hacking challenges over 5 days.

Congratulations to Lancaster University, University of Kent and London Met who finished 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively.

This photo shows all winning students at awards ceremony. Team photos are below.

2018 Winning Team

Grand Master Cyber Gnomes
Lancaster University

Awarded by Andy Settle, IBM X-Force IRIS
£400 Prize

2018 2nd Place

University of Kent

Awarded by Paul Mason, Secarma
£300 Prize

2018 3rd Place

London Metropolitan University

Awarded by Jennie Williams, Police
£200 Prize

2018 Top Player

Matt Davis
Lancaster University

Awarded by Adrian Thompson, BCS

Cyber Crime 2018
Award Ceremony

Awards for the competition were presented on 10th December 2018 at UK Fast. Our thanks go to all the students from Lancaster University who travelled to collect their award. They were joined by students from London Met who travelled for over 2 hours on the train and students from Kent who travelled for 5 hours. Thanks for joining us and see you next year!

Thank you from BCS
British Computer Society

Cyber Crime 2019
Student Competition

This year we have renamed the competition to Cyber Crime Cup™

If you would like to register your university for Cyber Crime Cup™ you can get details by completing the form here:

Sponsor enquiries for Cyber Crime Cup™ should be sent to:

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Starting from early 2020, we will be adding lots of useful information about how to stay safe online. In the meantime, we hope to see you at Etihad Stadium for Cyber Crime 2019!
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