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Cyber Crime Cup ™ - Terms and Conditions V1.0

Student Registration Pack

By registering to receive a Student Registration Pack from this website, you agree to the following:

Competition Trademark

Cyber Crime Cup ™ is a trademark that can only be used in reference to the competition at and this trademark cannot be used in reference to any other competition. You may publish information online or reference Cyber Crime Cup ™ anywhere online such as social media only if you are referring to the offical competition.

Competition Player Registration

By registering to receive a Student Registration Pack, you have expressed an interest in the Cyber Crime Cup ™ and will receive further details via email. However, you acknowledge that to play in the Cyber Crime Cup ™ you will need to complete the full registration process using details that will be emailed to you inside the Student Registration Pack. You are not eligible to play until you have completed the full registration process.

Returning Players

If you played in the competition last year, registration will still be required for this 2019 competition.

Liability Waiver

You agree not to hold or any of the competition organisers liable for any loss or damages incurred due to your participation, involvement or interest in the Cyber Crime Cup ™.

Privacy Policy

By using this website or by requesting a Student Registration Pack you agree to our privacy policy.

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